daWindci: N°1 hit in German AppStore – The press is excited, price reduction and update announced!

June, 17 2011

The iPad- and iPhone-game „daWindci“ takes off: After reaching #1 in the German iPad-Charts, the press is highly excited about this unique gem. Reality Twist and Mimimi Productions thank their fans with new updates: Game-Center support, improved gesture recognition and a special price offer of only 99ct have been added to the AppStore! Munich, April [...]


iPad and iPhone game ‘daWindci’ released in honour of 200th anniversary of female balloonist

April, 18 2011

Nothing but hot air: The video game “daWindci” brings back the exciting times of aviation and aeronautics. As a pilot of a homemade hot-air balloon you’re navigating around sharp cliffs, into amazing wind tunnels and dangerous electric fields – and see a lot of incredible inventions! The critically acclaimed title is available for iPhone, iPad [...]