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Cuddle Swing

Get in the swing, get in the speed rush and fall in love with the cute Cuddle! Get in the Swing – with the cutest game character ever: Cuddle! Join him on his journey to collect stars for his lovely friend. Through the deep woods of the rain forest, past scary spiders and sizzling snakes then fly across the beautiful starry sky. Get in the swing, experience the speed rush and fall in love with Cuddle!

Cuddle Swing combines beautiful 2D art and cute animation in a addictive sidescrolling adventure. Collect as many stars and updates as possible and share your high score on Facebook or Twitter! Listen to the happy and varied soundtrack and Cuddle’s cute voice. Get your personal adrenaline rush when Cuddle performs his megajump and flys through the air to reach even more items. Feel the satisfaction when Cuddle uses his pogo tail ability to jump back into the trees when he falls of. There are many things to explore. And the best: Cuddle’s world is for everyone, because the game can be downloaded for free!

Project Details

  • Beautiful, hand-drawn 2D graphics and animations
  • Astonishing, detailed, quaint backgrounds
  • Cute, cuter, cuddle!
  • Immediately appealing to common viewing habits of sweetness, beauty und charm!
  • Generates hugging desires, especially with women

  • appstoreandroid

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