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Renu und die Sari Revolution

A thrilling and innovative adventure game where nothing is how it seems and game and reality blur into each other.

It starts like an innocent study…
A young woman wants to document the gender-problems of her country and gets dragged into a dangerous intrigue of caste mentality, boy preference, dowry disputes, rape and attempted murder. Soon her own life is in danger. Is she able to use the information she gathers, to save herself and others and organize the resistance in the end?

It starts like an innocent computer game… You are controlling the young woman Renu through a crime adventure and experience the reality of indian women in their own country. But soon the game starts get real: Characters from the app suddenly start to send E-Mails and messages to your mobile phone. There’s even the page of one of the victims to be found on facebook and a conspiracy on a hidden internet forum that is directly influencing the game. People in the game seem to really exist, are giving interviews to important news magazines or are publishing their works. Shortly it will be clear: What you see is more fact than fiction.

Game. Reality.

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Project Details

  • Based on true stories: Play a dramatic crime thriller out of the missio for life universe.
  • Unique alternate reality game: Characters from the game send real E-Mails or messages and can even be called! Investigate on the internet to solve the mistery!
  • Many locations: Travel to Bhopal, New Delhi, Lucknow and other foreign places.
  • Help System with sister Helen, your mentor: If you are stuck, she can give advise!
  • Completely dubbed: Listen to professional voice actors in the quality of a cool audiobook.
  • Charming optics: Play through detailed 2D-graphics, dynamic animated backgrounds and captivating cutscenes.
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