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TOMs Welt

The big TOM games collection. Consistently TOM has to be swift and smart to get to his strawberry jam sandwich with honey. Together with TOMs friends you can help him!

Animated games for children from 3 to 133

TOM wants to have a tasty strawberry jam sandwich with honey. And because TOM isn’t lazy and doesn’t only wait for a strawberry jam sandwich with honey flying into his mouth, he always stumbles into a new adventure. One time he slides into the valley with Buba the turtle, the other time he balloons together with the poor little girl, another time he gets rescued by fishes in the water, or he lets himself get thrown through the air by the outlook tree. At the end of every game TOM indeed only has half of a straberry jam sandwich with honey but he likes it just as much as if it was a whole one.

The funny TOM-films are shown by Kika. TOM was created by the award winning animated cartoon artist Andreas Hykade, produced by the studio Film Bilder, co-produced by SWR and audio narrated by the voice of Dirk Bach. The TV films get supplemented by the play along films that can be downloaded in the iTunes-Store: “Tom & seine Freunde” and “Unterwegs im TOM-Land”.

In “TOMs Welt” children encounter the characters already known from the movies and get involved in TOMs adventure. They can navigate TOM through the world at their own will and immerse into game situations along with TOMs friends. Navigation is plain even for small kids, but the effect is so surprising, even mothers and fathers enjoy the game. Parents can be unconcerned: die games are not only funny, but suitable for children and educationally valuable.

Das Team von Reality Twist freut sich über ihr Erdbeermarmeladebrot mit Honig und lässt die Korken knallen.

„Genau so hab ich mir TOMs Welt vorgestellt“, sagt Tom, der Geschäftsführer von Studio FILM BILDER. „Endlich wird die Welt von TOM auch interaktiv erlebbar“, stimmt auch (der andere) Tom von Reality Twist zu. „Ein lang überfälliger Schritt!“ Überzeugt von der Idee waren auch der FilmFernsehFonds Bayern und die MFG-Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg, die das Projekt förderten.

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Project Details

  • freely navigable TOM
  • many funny animated cartoon scenes
  • 12 games and a surprise
  • all voices dubbed by Dirk Back

  • appstore

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