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Utopolis – Aufbruch der Tiere

„Utopolis – Aufbruch der Tiere“ is a free to play online multiplayer app for smartphones and tablets. A group of 25 players has to master different adventures in seven levels. Like in fairy tales, the characters of the game are animals like wolves, boars and even stag beetles. The focus is on collaboration and communication between the players as these skills are essential to master the game. The target group are commuters and young adults for which purpose we are co-working with educational partners like schools.

For many generations, the animals are living a peaceful life in the great forest. But as the owl Armin reports about a strange force that is destroying their living space, the animals sally forth on a troublesome journey to Utopolis. There they want to defeat the the source of the baleful “red glow” to save their world.

A group of 25 players takes the dangerous journey to Utopolis. The players assume the roles of various animal species, each with different skills. Each individual has to contribute to the success of the single stages. The rules for this collaboration are set by the players: While in board games, unloved rules can easily changed and be exchanged by house rules, this is usually not possible in video games. But in UTOPOLIS – AUFBRUCH DER TIERE the players establish the rules of their community and organize themselves in democratic principles. With a law system, every player can propose a law, that is voted upon and that are effective for all players. Therefor not on the rules for ressource management and other activities are determined, but also players can be punished for their illegal actions.

Every player can create own laws based on several templates and suggest them to the group. If it is in favor of the majority, the law becomes effective as a binding rule for everyone. That way for example, obligatory ressource transfers to the camp can be determined as well as animals that hurt or kill other members of the group can be punished. Further the players decide in what way they want to perform the different tasks needed to survive: Wether “path of the commune” or “path of the warrior”, each of the five available paths offer advantages and disadvantages to the players in attaining their goals and their choice requires consideration and foresight.



Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2015 for best serious game:

Red Dot 2015 in the category game design:


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Project Details

  • free to play, no in-app purchases, 100% noncommercial
  • sophisticated democracy simulation including a law-system to establish your own community rules
  • 25 players per game
  • focus is on collaboration and communication
  • different animal species with unique skills

  • appstoreandroid

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