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Vincent Mirano

Adventure German is a Point&Click adventure game developed together with the Goethe Institut, Germany. With help of this unique gaming experience, users around the world will not only discover the 4000 years old and mysterious “Sky Disk”, that was found in Germany several years ago, they will also learn a lot about Germany, Germans and the German language! Join Vincent on his exciting journey through Germany and reveal the “Mystery of the Sky Disk”.

And if you’re stuck, there is always the clever facebook option: Take a picture with your camera and upload it to your facebook account asking for help. Your friends can send you messages from facebook right into the game! It gets even better: The whole game can be downloaded for free for iPad, iPhone, Android and Web on the original webpage mentioned below.


Project Partners

Project Details

  • Ideal for learners at Level A2
  • Both read and hear with audio through the entire game
  • All dialogues are clickable to repeat texts
  • Practice typical situations that will be helpful during a stay in Germany
  • All exercises are embedded in an exciting adventure story. This way learning never becomes boring!
  • Over 2 hours pure playing time

  • appstoreandroid

Official Website

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