Reality Twist receives funding for adventure game


The Munich-based games company Reality Twist has received a green-light for the subsidy of their new project: Generation Zero. The company receives a financial aid by the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern and the Bavarian government to develop a prototype of this unique game for PC, Mac and iPad.

Generation Zero is a challenging Point-&-Click adventure game telling the story of a youth gang in the postwar area of Germany. Setting is the almost completely destroyed city of Berlin. It’s a story about courage, friendship and hope. It tells the story of a generation that recreated Germany and is therefore responsible for the German state as we know it today.

For the multiplatform-development, Reality Twist will use the Unity engine. Several very unique gameplay elements will lift-off the game from other competitors in the genre. Main aspects is a very strong focus on deep characters, multiple solutions to puzzles, complex consequences within the story depending on the user’s decisions, and beautiful settings rendered in real-time 3D.

You can read the official notification here.