Reality Twist signs innovative scrollshooter and award-winning title „daWindci“


Reality Twist together with Munich-based developer Mimimi Productions release game on iPad. In “daWindci”, the player is controlling the weather and by this indirectly his own hot-air balloon. At the German Games Developers Awards 2010, the team ranked 2nd in the category “Gamesload Newcomer Award”. The title has already been intensively covered by print and television networks. The release is scheduled for Q1/2011.

Munich, January 2010

„This is a great compliment“, says Dominik Abé from Mimimi Productions to the news reporter from the RTL II television station. He’s obviously happy about his game winning the award at the German Games Developers Award 2010 in Essen, Germany. “For one year, you were working hard, have your vision, see it all come together and, at the end, even get awarded. This is fabulous!” Behind the team, there are five young students from the Munich University for Design and Computer Science. They have produced and programmed “daWindci” in their spare freetime.

Now, their work bear fruits in even two aspects: At the Developers Award, the game was the most discussed newcomer title and with Reality Twist, the young pioneers have even found a partner, that will release daWindci in the next year for the iPad. “daWindci is innovative, fresh, makes a lot of fun and fits perfectly onto the iPad platform. We didn’t think about it for long and just asked the students, whether they would board us on their balloon and sail towards a release”, says Thomas Wagner, one of the managing directors at Reality Twist. In December, they have closed a contract. Now, all are working on the port of the title with high pressure for a close release.

In daWindci, the player is not controlling the vehicle, rather he controls the weather. With the help of simple gestures, drawn to the touch screen of the iPad, you can create winds, hurricanes or flash lightning. With these, one can influence the environment of the game and move the balloon to the desired place. A lot of cleverly designed levels, physics puzzles and a garage shop for customization of the hot-air balloon guarantee for long enduring gameplay fun.

For this, daWindci also uses the latest 3D-technology and offers high-quality graphics without losing the charm of an old-school, action shooter. The crazy world of daWindci is full of airships, windmills, giant cogwheels and other fantastic fabrications and is shown in a top-down perspective. Therefore, the “drawing” of squalls or flash and the interaction with the environment is really easy. For casual gamers, the entry in the world of “daWindci” is as easy as one, two, three: The game is adapting right to the speed of the player, offers a ruminant-like atmosphere and positions itself pleasantly against the other pure reflex-action games on the market.

In order for the students to finish up their vision, Reality Twist is not only releasing and marketing their product. The munich-based publisher is also offering their business rooms and the urgently required workplaces to the youngster. Besides this, the students’ team will also be supported by Reality Twist’s know-how and benefit from their elaborate experience. Programmer Johannes Roth from Mimimi Productions is thankful for this and will quite likely spend a lot of his coming nights at the Reality Twist headquarter. No one from the team would have expected to get “daWindci” contracted so fast: “The hard work beside our studies was worth it. It’s great to be rewarded for one’s own efforts”, says Roth. By the way: In the last year, the team already ranked 2nd place with another title they produced. “Grounded” can be found on their webpage as a free download – as some kind of appetizer for the coming big baby.

daWindci will be released in the first quarter of 2011 for iPad. Another port for iPhone will follow shortly.

daWindci Features

  • Combination of old-school scrollshooter with innovative, relaxing gameplay
  • Suitable for both casual as well as core gamers
  • Multitouch gestures recognition to create wind, blizzards or flash
  • Clever leveldesign with hours of gameplay fun
  • High-quality 3D graphics
  • Winner of the Gamesload-Newcomer Award at the German Game Developers Awards 2010

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