Video Games, an ethics exhibition and caritas science don’t fit together? This innovative serious games project about gender equity proves they do!
Only with an unheard flight performance and a fast trigger finger you’ll be able to break the Nazis to pieces and defeat their ultimate victory once and for all! The meteor blitzkrieg has begun.
To become the greatest hero of all of the land, you have to find the power of words in the forbidden library. You have to acquire magic letters and learn new spells in order to succeed.
The new brainteaser for iPad. Can you handle the two pulzars with both hands and both of your hemispheres?
With the wonderful Christmas Nativity Scene 3D, the user experiences a gorgeous presentation of the savior’s birth for his Android phone or tablet – all in stunning 3D and without the need of glasses!
Some characters run, some characters jump. Some doodle, some fly, some are angry and some are happy. But Cuddle is the cutest of all – and he swings.
Infocopter is an entertainment-helicopter-simulator with 180° dome projections, three full-hd beamers, g-force simulations, special lightning effects and simulation and many more cutting-edge features.
Kiteboarding is the new extreme sports title in the traditions of successful board-games like Tony Hawk or Shaun White Snowboarding.
The perspective of a whole generation of children is ruined – just like the buildings of the once elevated capital. With nothing, they’re fighting for their bare survival in the streets of a postwar area.
In daWindci you become the captain of a hot air balloon and a weather god! By using finger gestures that are painted on the touch screen of the iPad or iPhone, you’ll be creating breathtaking winds, hurricanes or produce impressive lightning and push your hot air balloon to the desired location!
TOMs World
TOM wants to have a delicious slice of bread with strawberry jam and honey. Sounds crazy? Is crazy.
In Physicus, a meteorite has hit the planet, causing it to stop rotating around its own axis. One half of the earth looks set to freeze solid in arctic conditions, while scorching heat is making life unbearable on the other half. Can humankind be saved from this terrible disaster?
Play, experience a thrilling adventure, and learn German too! Accompanied by the art expert Vincent Mirano, you will embark on an exciting journey throughout Germany. Has the 4000-year old Nebra Sky Disk been stolen?
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