Reality Twist is a game developer in the heart of media capital Munich, Germany. With a small, flexible and powerful core team built around the longtime software engineering expert (Dipl.-Inf.) Thomas Wagner, and the producer and visual effects specialist Clemens Hochreiter the company feels excellently suited to develop a new generation of computer games with focus on strong player immersion. Reality Twist teams up with experienced film and tv screenwriters to develop exciting story lines.

We have expertise in cinematic means such as drama, aesthetics, scene imagery and character development, combined with the engineering disciplines of software development, 3D graphics programming, artificial intelligence and project management. The main focus is always the player, with their individual needs and enjoyment.

We are member of Microsoft BizSpark, the program that accelerates the success for today’s most promising startups. Reality Twist is a registered Playstation 3 and Microsoft XBOX360 developer.