iPad and iPhone game ‘daWindci’ released in honour of 200th anniversary of female balloonist


Nothing but hot air: The video game “daWindci” brings back the exciting times of aviation and aeronautics. As a pilot of a homemade hot-air balloon you’re navigating around sharp cliffs, into amazing wind tunnels and dangerous electric fields – and see a lot of incredible inventions! The critically acclaimed title is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – right on schedule with the 200th anniversary of Wilhelmine Reichard, Germany’s first female balloonist!

Munich, April 2011

2011 is the official year of Wilhelmine Reichard in Germany. On April 16th 1811, the 23 years old was the first woman in Germany to fly with a gas balloon. The press was thrilled: A sensation was born! This year, it’s the 200th anniversary of this important event, which was history-charging for both the aviation business as well as gender equality. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is launching a Reichard-Initiative to acknowledge her merits. Her earnings are underestimated, says Joachim Block, director of the DLR-quarter in Braunschweig..

„To change this, we dedicated our video game to this first female balloonist“, explains Dominik Abé. He’s a student at the Munich University of Mediadesign and one of the creators of the unique balloon-game. Right for the celebration on April 16th 2011, the game is released on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in the AppStore. The release is accompanied by several big events in Germany – in Berlin on April 14th and Braunschweig on April 16th, just to name the largest. Academics who studied the life of Wilhelmine Reichard will pay tribute to her on these days. Players can do the same by playing ‘daWindci’.

„We hope a lot of people become interested in Wilhelmine, balloon flights and, of course, our video game. That’s why we have decided to use our project ‘daWindci’ and become a supporter of the ‘Year of Wilhelmine Reichard 2011‘”, says Sebastian Grünwald, Producer at the company Reality Twist. The Munich-based games developer publishes the students’ project. A lot more campaigns are planned for the ongoing year.

“Wilhelmine Reichard was a dedicated, courageous and generous woman. For example, she dropped beautiful poems she has written to the people below her balloon”, Grünwald continues. Ergo, Reality Twist will be just a generous to all players: Until Easter, the puzzle game is available for a special discount price of just 2,99 USD. The game offers over 45 missions – enough fun for both gamers as well as all balloon-enthusiast around the world!

In ‘daWindci’ the player uses his fingers to draw on the touch screen and create amazing winds, wild hurricanes or spooky thunderbolts. By this, he controls his hot-air-balloon through a world full of magical machines! Gigantic windmills can be seen on the horizon. Steepy cliffs have to be sailed around, wind channels cleverly utilized and an astonishing environment discovered and revitalized. All puzzles have to be solved by the wind: Large hangar doors have to be opened, heavy levers blown down and intelligent irrigation plants get to work. Besides the amazing graphics and a meditative soundtrack, features like multitouch control, Facebook support and your own balloon construction area perfect the feature list of daWindci..

‘daWindci’ is in the AppStore now. More information about the project is available at www.dawindci.com.

daWindci Features

• Multitouch finger gestures
• Meditative soundtrack, beautiful graphics, innovative gameplay
• 5-8 hours of gameplay
• 45 levels and over 20 designs for your balloon
• 14 special tasks (Achievements)
• Facebook and Game Center support
• Cooperative gameplay
• Winner of the German Developer Prize (Newcomer-Award)
• Nominee of the German Computer Game Prize 2011
• Nominee for the Unity3D award
• For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

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