Physicus Reloaded: Reality Twist adapts the classic adventure game for the 3rd millenium


The Bavarian state chancellery and the FilmFernsehFonds of Bavaria fund the serious game Physikus|HD² with 85.000 Euros. The classic, developed in the 1990ies, is one of the most successful games from Braingame Publishing and founded a whole new genre: the “learning adventure games”. Munich-based developer Reality Twist now ports Physicus onto a new technological basis. Braingame will publish the new title for the iPad and iPhone.

Munich, November 2010

The adventure Physicus is said to be the reference for learning games. The title has proven how the combination of fun & learning in computer games does work perfectly and at the same time started a whole era of other, very successful learning adventures. Now, games publisher Braingame and Munich-based developer Reality Twist, with the help of the granted subsidy, aim to carry the classic to the modern platforms: iPad and iPhones are primary targets.

In Physicus, a meteorite has hit the planet, causing it to stop rotating around its own axis. One half of the earth looks set to freeze solid in arctic conditions, while scorching heat is making life unbearable on the other half. Can humankind be saved from this terrible disaster? Just one enormous repulse set off from a large impulse machine could set the planet rotating again. Exciting locations and scenarios are waiting for the curious player’s intent. No corner must be left unturned in his effort to generate electricity and take the challenge to the final step of firing the giant impulse machine. The key to everything can be found and understood by assessing the vast database of scientific knowledge stored within a laptop-style recorder.

Reality Twist will maintain the same proven, educational concepts, the thrilling puzzles, the beautiful landscapes and the intuitive point-&-click interface that already led the original to its success. The title will be replenished with a lot of modern features, too. For example, a new help system will aid inexperienced players while solving puzzles and understanding the more complex experiments. The story from the original is supposed to be updated as well. New, exciting details from the Physicus world will answer the unanswered questions. A vast encyclopedia for Physics additionally offers a deeper look into the basic laws of Physics and is connected directly to the gameplay and the puzzles.

„We are very happy about the decision to develop the new basic technology for Physicus with the help of the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern here, within the Bavarian region. Now, this great IP is finally made available to a broader audience on devices like the iPad”, appreciates Clemens Hochreiter, one of the business managers at Reality Twist, the notification about the approved funding. For the first time, Physicus is playable on mobile devices – and this in its full-resolution glory. This is also the reason for the extension “HD” in the title, and the winky square symbol, a reference to the physical minigames, that the new title will include.

Braingame-CEO Axel Ruske is happy about the decision by the board, too: “With Reality Twist, we have found the most fitting developer and with the FFF Bayern the appropriate partner to co-finance the project. By this, the Physicus fans will finally be able to play the classic on mobile devices like the iPad and the iPhone.” Braingame will publish a multilingual version of the title. A release date will be announced soon.

You can get an impression of the atmosphere from the original game by this trailer:


  • Classic point-&-click adventure in 1st person perspective
  • For the 1st time on iPad and iPhone
  • Most successful learning adventure in the world, critically acclaimed
  • The original game with a new face
  • Dozen of logical and machine puzzles in a fascinating setting for clever and entertaining learning
  • Correction of the previous points of critique of the classic
  • Innovative new help system
  • Vast encyclopedia of scientific knowledge

Press commentaries about Physicus

  • “Eyecandy, highlight, quantum leap. A must-have!” Thomas Feibel, journalist children’s software 2000
  • “A very well balanced mixture of game and information. The scientific curricula is exemplary shown in a perfect multimedia fashion.” parents for family, November 2000
  • “Adventure with a very felicitous mixture of learning and entertainment” WDR television, February 2002
  • “… a very precious product …” mac life, August 2002
  • “PHYSICUS not only convinces by its good graphics, but also by its very clear and understandable exposure of the different science topics. Result: You can’t design physics any more brilliant.” CHIP ONLINE 2000

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