Reality Twist launches “B.U.D.”: Big Update Day!


Indie developer Reality Twist has worked hard to upgrade their most famous games “Cuddle Swing”, “Iron Sky” and “Adventure German”. These updates feature new and improved gameplay, new content, new animations, new soundtracks and even complete new releases for Android, iOS and webbrowser! All of these updates are available free of charge and nearly busts the space we have for just one single press release

Munich, June 2012

1st Big Update: iOS version of Cuddle Swing and improved gameplay

In Cuddle Swing, the player helps a little, pink cutie on his epic quest through the large rain forest. For his journey, developer Reality Twist has created an all new game genre: Cuddle Swing is the first Jump’n’Swing game ever produced: Cuddle swings through the levels by holding onto trees and other objects with his tail. But beware! Some objects may not be as solid as they seem.

After the amazing success on Android with thousands of regular players, this addictive game has finally also arrived for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. But even more so, Reality Twist has taken all the user feedback to heart and has improved the gameplay with redesigned screens, new animations, a new help system, redesigned power-ups, a trophy room and even more responsive controls. If you’re an iOS user and don’t know Cuddle yet, check it out on the AppStore. The full game is free of charge:

2nd Big Update: Android version of Iron Sky and game soundtrack by music legends LAIBACH

Iron Sky ScreenshotIn March, Reality Twist released the officially licensed game to the highly acclaimed movie blockbuster IRON SKY. In it, you board a cool space craft, load some heavy ammo and go on a final mission to finish the Nazis that are attacking from the moon. You’ll fight against thousands of Nazi UFO-squadrons, monstrous Nazi zeppelins or dangerous Nazi bells. First, this epic arcade adventure has been released for iOS devices.

Now, Reality Twist has ported the game for Android tablets and phones as well. But even more so, Reality Twist has also included the original motion picture soundtrack. This includes unique tracks by the legendary band LAIBACH deliberately composed for the Iron Sky universe. All iOS and Android users can check out this new enthralling experience by downloading the latest version of IRON SKY: The Arcade Shooter here:

3rd Big Update: New gameplay, new languages and new Web-Edition of Adventure German

German fans and adventure gamers beware: The free serious game “Adventure German” developed by Reality Twist and the language experts at the “Goethe-Institut” has been completely revamped for even more gaming and learning pleasure!

Play, experience a thrilling adventure, and learn German too! Accompanied by the art expert Vincent Mirano, you will embark on an exciting journey throughout Germany. Has the 4000-year old Nebra Sky Disk been stolen?

Find it out in this free adventure game. It has been available for iOS and Android since the beginning of this year. But if you don’t own a smartphone, don’t despair: Our adventure game can now be played by nearly everyone with a web-browser!

The browser-version features the same, great content of the mobile version with attractive 2D art, exciting animations, full voice-over and an exciting storyline! But there is more: Reality Twist has also improved gameplay features. New help mechanisms ensure that you don’t get stuck even if you’re not too familiar with adventure games. An ingame manual explains everything you need to know about your journey. Even more so, the loading times at the beginning of the game have been optimized as well.

As if this wouldn’t be more than enough, Reality Twist and Goethe-Institut have also translated the game for different territories. Besides the German and English version of the game, you can now also play the game in languages like Chinese, Czech, Italian, Grecian, Lithuanian, Polish or even Albanian! Check out the official page for the game for more information and downloads – it’s free!


Cuddle Swing

available for iOS and Android

Iron Sky: The Arcade Shooter

available for iOS and Android

Adventure German

available for iOS, Android and Web

  • Jump-&-Swing game
  • Amazing: beautiful, quainted 2D art and animation
  • Exciting: varied soundtrack and cute audio effects
  • Easy: Cuddle Swing can be controlled intuitively by everyone who has a finger
  • Thrilling: try to fly farther, higher, longer, faster
  • Addictive: Improve your Cuddle by collecting more stars and buying cool features and level-ups
  • Social: Share your score and compete with friends! Who has the best Cuddle in town?
  • Free!
  • Action-packed Shoot’em Up
  • Officially licensed game in the universe of the movie blockbuster IRON SKY
  • With the original soundtrack by music icons LAIBACH (now available!)
  • Intuitive navigation with a virtual joystick
  • Nazi flying saucers, Nazi zeppelins, Nazi bells – destroy all of them!
  • Elude savaging squadrons, destroy dangerous turrets and combat cruel endboss
  • Collect valuable power ups!
  • Rise above the city for even more terrifying dogfights!
  • 2D comic adventure game with touch-interface (touch devices) and point-&-click controls (web version)
  • content developed by the language experts of the Goethe-Institut
  • over 25 dialogues with 10 characters
  • lovely backgrounds and animations
  • professional German voice-over
  • puzzles, drag-&-drop minigames, word collecting, fill-in-the-gap, map direction minigames, listening-and-understanding games
  • 70 minutes of atmospheric soundtrack and over 60 minutes of sound effects
  • story about the real Sky Disk of Nebra and taking place at real locations in Germany
  • completely free
  • available for iOS, Android and Web!

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Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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Besides a huge know-how about popular game-engines like Unity3D or Trinigy Vision, Reality Twists continuously improves its own basic technologies. By this, the company guarantees its clients not only a technological head start but also a high-efficient and above all a predictable development process. Apart from its own productions, Reality Twist also accepts work-for-hire-projects from other game developers or publishers. For the industry, the company develops professional, interactive simulators for theme parks. Reality Twist is supported by the level up program of “Game Connection”, Microsoft’s BizSpark initiative and the FilmFernsehFonds of Bavaria (FFF Bayern).

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