Reality Twist showcase their games to Bavarian politicians


Finally, politics and games come together in 2009: Eberhard Sinner, media spokesman of the CSU party in the Bavarian parliament, has invited all members of the parliament to a computer games evening. The event is organized by the Cluster for audiovisual media (CAM), the Videospielkultur e.V. (VSK), the German Trade Association of Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU) and the G.A.M.E. Association.

During this evening, politicians will have the time to evaluate several computer games themselves and talk to publishers and developers alike. “A competence for games as one very large aspect of media literacy is getting more and more important for parents, teachers, the youths and the politicians. I think it’s urgent, that we discuss the phenomenon of computer games intensively and concretely”, says Sinner.

Of course, Reality Twist will join up at the event and exhibit their portfolio and talk to politicians about the situations for games and game developers in Germany and Bavaria. The event will take place June, 17th. Find out more at the official page for the evening here.